Getting started

PrescoFaces is a lightweight library with one jar, zero-configuration and needs only the standard json libraries from as additional dependency. You just need to download PrescoFaces, add the prescofaces-{version}.jar as well as json-{version}.jar to your classpath and declare the namespace in your xhtml files to get started. Of course, you have to include the standard JSF libraries as usual.


To be able to use the PrescoFaces components in your xhtml files, you need to add the PrescoFaces namespace:


Component usage

To get an overview which components exist and how to use them, visit our showcase application.

PrescoFaces also provides context sensitive help in its tag library. So if you use an intelligent IDE like e.g. Netbeans, you will see all supported tag attributes and their meaning while typing.

If you have a PrescoFaces PRO license, you can contact us directly if you need help, feature requests or bug submissions.


If you are deploying a commercial product, consider purchasing a PrescoFaces PRO license to have a support contract at hand.


PrescoFaces source code including the showcase can be found at

Bugs and Feature Requests can be submitted here:

New versions are submitted to Maven Central, so you can easily add it to your maven based projects:

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